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What is a Motor Warranty?

A Motor Warranty insurance policy provides cover against the costs of unforeseen mechanical breakdown of your vehicle.

There are two main categories of motor warranties:

Pre-owned Warranty:
It can cover your vehicle in case that your original manufacturer's warranty has already expired. The Motor Warranty Insurance Policy covers you for the repair and/or replacement of components arising from a mechanical or electrical failure of your car.

Extended Warranty:
It extends the elements of cover as originally covered by the manufacturer warranty. With this kind of warranty you have unlimited repairs or replacements value on the any component covered.

What are the requisites for a Motor Warranty?

To apply for motor warranty there are a few requisites that you need to meet. In particular your car should be a passenger car and not a taxi or a rental car. Most insurances requires that your car has travelled less than 200,000 km and is less than 10 years old. Also, any car used for sport or racing purposes cannot be covered by a motor warranty.

While these are the most common requisites, each insurance company might differ in their warranty requirements.

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