Legal Cover

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Money Up to R120 000 legal cover per year

Group Cover for up to 18 people

Phone Emergency line open 24/7 for any legal advice

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What is a Legal Cover?

Almost without exception, everyone will experience legal issues during their lives. Having a legal insurance is essential as you never know when you’ll have to deal with costly legal fees. A legal dispute is always extremely stressful with an elevated emotional price. A legal insurance avoid you to suffer from any additional financial costs and paperwork arising from a legal dispute.

A legal cover provides you with the best legal advice and financial assistance that you need to resolve your troubles quickly and easily. A Legal Insurance protects you against civil, labour or criminal matters you might face in your life.

What can I get with a Legal Insurance?

Legal assistance cover provides you a face to face and telephonic legal assistance, plus representation for personal legal matters. Be sure to be aware of the terms and conditions of your legal insurance. Depending on your plan, you and your family can be assisted with civil, criminal, labour or administrative matters.

Legal cover gives you access to immediate professional telephonic and electronic legal advice. It can also provide assistance when needed to draw up legal documents and contracts. For example, you can get advice on labour benefits, drafting a will, drafting ante-nuptial contracts, divorce and debt counselling. You will also get access to consultation, representation and discounts on attorney fees.

Legal insurance can cover a range of criminal, civil and labour matters which is determined by the premium you apply for. For example if you are unfairly fired from work and you want to defend your rights or if someone lays criminal charges against you, the legal insurance will pay for the expenses arising with this legal issue if you applied for in your legal cover plan.

Your cover is determined by your premium and the terms and conditions associated with it. Legal assistance can cover all kinds of legal matters such as Civil matters, Criminal matters, and Labour matters.

If you need a lawyer, contact your insurance which is providing the legal cover. The service provider will follow up for you all the necessary steps to provide adequate legal assistance.

Why should I get it?

Besides the peace of mind of being legally protected against any purpose, a legal insurance is also an extremely effective way to prevent any dirty business practices and sub-standard service such as defective building work or a manufacturer out of the terms of a warranty. Legal insurance is an excellent way to ensure that you can afford a qualified and experienced attorney when needed.

In short, yes, you should definitely join millions of other South Africans and get a good Legal Cover!

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