Hospital Covers

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What is a hospital cover?

A Hospital Cover pays a daily amount if you are hospitalized. It is meant to help with the extra financial cost of hospitalization. Any permanent resident of South Africa between 16-65 years old is eligible to apply for a cover.

A Hospital cover provides a range of benefits for in-hospital treatment. It includes your choice of private hospital (also depends on your policy), choice of your doctor and a greater flexibility for the timing of your treatment. The level of hospital cover also determines the types of procedures you're covered for. In short, the higher the level of cover, the more procedures you will be covered for and the easier it will be. However, you should always make sure what you're covered for before going to the hospital.

Unlike a medical aid, your hospital cover lump sum is paid directly to you. The money can be used for any use, medical aid payments or you own or family’s consumption. The policy is paid on a daily basis if you are admitted to hospital.

What Does a Hospital Plan Cover for?

Having a medical/hospital cover is essential as you never know when you might need it. A Medical cover is not only a cover in case of illness but also for any unpredictable events. You can enjoy various types of medical cover. A hospital plan is usually good enough to start, as this provides you the most important medical cover.

Hospital plans include covers for all your required in-hospital procedures and check-ups. Usually, you won’t have to pay any supplementary fees for procedures, but it depends on the plan you choose. Always make sure that you are aware of the procedures that are covered by your plan in order to be prepared in case of co-payment.

Most of hospital plans include intensive care, theatre and accommodation costs, doctors fees and other medical costs associated with your treatment (e.g. drugs, dressings, etc.).

You can benefit of various cover options, suitable for anyone – it can be young, healthy persons or even older people suffering from chronic medical problems. You can also upgrade your plan at any moment, which means that you can start at a cover level cheaper, and move up to a higher plan when you need to.

Who should apply for a hospital cover?

As a protection in case of unexpected event, everyone should apply for a hospital cover, as it is a security. You may be in the necessity at any moment and anyone can face difficult situation in case of an expensive hospitalization.

Most people start out with a hospital plan, and upgrade to other medical cover options as they grow older or have to deal with their new family. Full medical cover can be expensive and not everyone has the means for it. This is why most hospital cover offer also affordable hospital plans.


Why should I get a hospital cover?

Hospital cover is a vital requirement since you never know when an accident may happen. You don’t necessarily have to invest in the most expensive plan to be covered for hospital procedures and surgeries. However a decent hospital plan will have you covered. There are range of plans that will suit all your needs, whether you are just beginning in life, or if you need a higher level of cover.

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