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What is a Health Cover?

A Health Cover or Health Insurance is a certain type of insurance that covers medical and surgical costs. Depending on your health insurance coverage, you may pay costs out of your pocket and then be reimbursed, or the insurer pays directly to the provider.

The "Provider" may be a clinic, hospital, doctor, laboratory, health care practitioner, or any pharmacy. The "Insured" is the beneficiary of the health insurance who beneficiates from the health insurance coverage.

Why should I apply for a health insurance?

The health of you and your family is probably one the most important things in your life. Taking care of you, your children, spouse & parents is an absolute necessity. So what if one of you needed urgent or specialist treatment for a health condition? 

If you are treated in a public hospital, the seriousness of your injury or illness determines how quickly you′ll receive treatment. You may finish on a waiting list if your condition is not too bad.

Without a private health cover you can either pay for these treatments out of your own pocket or not getting the required medical attention that you need.

Private Medical Insurance, also referred to as Private Health Insurance, gives you access to the care you and your family may need avoiding the delays due to waiting lists. It could also help with other restrictions of the National Health Service for the certain drugs.

In short, it’s extremely risky not to be insured by a health cover for you and your family; if you are not insured properly, you could face very high medical bills or health complication.

What is health insurance, and what different types of policy are there?

Health Insurance covers the cost of private medical treatment for illnesses or injuries. You will pay a monthly premium for your health insurance. When a medical treatment is required, the insurer will pay out your treatment and drugs, up to an agreed cover amount negotiated during your application for your health insurance.

When deciding on the type and extent of the health cover, make sure that it covers all your present and future health requirements before receiving a bill which may hurt you as much as your injury.


There are different types of health insurances. Most policies will cover essential treatments but you can choose to secure specialist therapies and complementary medicines with a more comprehensive health cover. A health cover policy should at least cover you for all essential health care, including accidents and injuries, whether they occur in your home, at work or while travelling.

How can I reduce the cost of my health insurance?

Certain policies offer to reduce the cost of your cover if you can demonstrate that you have a healthy lifestyle. For example, smoking is one of the factors that affects your premium the most.

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