Funeral Covers

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Money Funeral cover from as little as R35 pm

Group Cover up to 13 people on one plan

Check Valid claims are paid under 48 hours

Money 2 Your policy can include a grocery benefit of R3,000

Why do I need a funeral cover?

It is never easy to say goodbye. A Funeral Cover takes care of the financial responsibility of your funeral expenses in the event of your unexpected death. Give your loved ones the ability and the time to grieve peacefully.

What can I cover with my funeral insurance?

A funeral plan covers a certain sum when you pass away to alleviate the burden of funeral costs.

You may also prefer to apply for a family funeral plan (or also called extended cover), which pays out this lump sum if your partner/spouse, your children, and/or any other family member, you have chosen to cover with the policy comes to die.

Depending on your funeral insurance plan the beneficiaries can receive up to R50,000 per member and also beneficiate of other facilities and services.

What will the beneficiaries get?

Your funeral insurance can provide a financial cover up to R50,000 for funeral related expenses. This cover goes directly to the beneficiaries (you or your family) within 48h after your or your loved ones’ death. A plan can cover up to 13 family members (children, spouse, parents, parents in law). With a funeral cover, you’ll also have peace of mind to have a level of cover which increases each year in line with inflation.

How does a Funeral Cover Work?

In order to be covered by a funeral insurance, you must pay a monthly premium. The price of this monthly amount is determined by a certain range of criteria, like age, gender as well as the level of cover that you require and the number of people you insure in the same plan.

Your Funeral insurance will be paid out within 48 hours. It is very easy to receive your insurance. You only need a certified copy of the death certificate and certified copies of the deceased’s ID. That simple!


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