Business Cover

Get a callback with the best offer tailored to you!

Money Some premium start at just R90 per month

Check Protect your business in case of unpredicted events

Save Cover up to R1.000.000,00 for some unexpected events

Phone 80% of the people got contacted back in less then 10 minutes.

Why do i need a Business Insurance?

When you run a business you might incour in the unexpected risk of events like theft, fire, employee injury or even natural disaster. The extraordinary expenses to be covered in these situations might very well force you to close your business. A business insurance policy helps you mitigate these possibilities by covering the unforseen costs.

How expensive is a Business Cover?

Some small businesses running in South Africa are not covered by business insurance. Usually small business owners believe that insurance premiums are too expensive to pay. The truth is that in case of unforeseen events, your business could be forced to close down to pay for these costs.

Only a business insurance can cover you from these unexpected costs and ensure that your business stays alive.

There are several business insurance packages that you can choose from. Insurance cover companies can come up with a tailored package for your business to offer you the smallest premium while keeping you covered for any possible unexpected event.

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