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Car finance 1

Car Financing - How does it work? posted on 03 June

With Car Finance you can easily achieve a more competitive finance deal to what you’ll be offered from any other motor dealership! We can get your request approved with reputable banks and lenders all around South Africa. We can provide you with t...

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Funeral 1

What is a Funeral Cover? Why do I need one? posted on 03 June

Death is unfortunate, but it is certain in life. At the time of your death, your family has to arrange the funds required to organize your funeral. What can you do to help them? This is the importance of including Funeral Cover as a part of your f...

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Hospitale 2

Health Cover - What is it, and why do I need one? posted on 03 June

Good health of himself and his family members is of primary importance to every individual. What would you do in case any of you need some urgent medical treatment for some illness or accident? Definitely, you will opt for the best hospital for yo...

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Hospital 1

What is Hospital Cover and do I need one? posted on 03 June

What is Hospital Cover? Have any of your family members ever been hospitalized? Apart from the expenses related to the actual treatment of the patient, have you noticed any other expenses that come up? If the patient had a Medical Aid, the c...

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Why do I need a Life Insurance? posted on 03 June

The older we get, the more we realize that it is important to protect our family, and to build a viable financial plan. A life insurance can be a good savings plan. It is also good to know that your loved ones are protected in the event of your...

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