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Health cover

Importance of Updating and Reviewing the Information in Insurance Policy in South Africa posted on 03 June

Just like the regular health check up or a regular car service, it will be great to have a periodic review of your insurance portfolio. This will help you in ensuring adequate protection and cost effectiveness too.  As far as Insurance is conce...

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Business 1

The ABC of Business Insurance posted on 03 June

There is no business that doesn’t involve taking a risk. If you run a small business or a large corporate organization, you face risks. The type of risks and the extent of loss will vary. The key is to identify the risks that your business is expo...

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Third party

What does ‘third party liability’ mean? posted on 03 June

The term Liability means responsibility. We all take risks every day. Every activity we do involves some kind of risk. Be it driving to work or back to home or walking in the park. Accidents can happen anytime. They come sudden and uninvited. No o...

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Home insurance

A Few Things You Should Know About Home Insurance in South Africa. posted on 03 June

A Few Things You Should Know About Home Insurance in South Africa.  Home Insurance protects you from any potential financial losses arising out of any fire, burglary or any natural calamities to your home. Here are a few things that you must kn...

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Loans premium save

Should you lower the Value of the asset to get the benefit of low premium?  posted on 03 June

The purpose of purchasing insurance in South Africa is to protect yourself from any potential financial loss to your assets in case of damaged or being stolen. Of course, being able to save the premium cost is a big factor for successful insurance...

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Comparision website

How does a comparison website work? posted on 03 June

A price comparator allows you to save money for almost everything. You can save money on insurances, comparing the best insurance offers, but also on many other categories, i.e.Loans, Lifestyle or Health and Personal. You can save a lot of money j...

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Legal 1

What is a Legal Cover? Do I need one? posted on 03 June

How does Legal Cover work? Legal Advice is costly. Hiring a lawyer could cost you thousands of rands per hour. This is where a Legal Cover comes to your assistance. There are professional legal advisors and attorneys either employed by or ha...

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Loan 3

How to apply for a medium term loan? posted on 03 June

If the requirement is more than just to meet an emergency, say, for some home modifications, purchase some equipment (like computer, latest mobile phone, etc), you can avail a Medium Term Loan that has a repayment period that is longer than a Shor...

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How to get a short term loan? posted on 03 June

SHORT TERM LOANS If you are a salaried person, you would have budgeted to meet all your regular expenses such as payment of rent, utility bills, tuition fees for your children, etc. But, there can be certain unforeseen expenses can come up, for...

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Loan 3

Why you should apply for a long term loan? posted on 03 June

Yes, a long term loan can be very scary.  To owe someone money for the next, 10-20 years… But it is the most profitable solution!   How does a long term loan works? You borrow an amount of money (a relatively big amount) and then you hav...

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