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Smoking can kill! That’s a harsh reality that is displayed on the very box you buy your cigarettes in. Besides the many health risks that are involved in smoking, cigarettes can also be very heavy on the pocket. Here’s a few tips you can try to be...

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Freeby travel 1p3770


    We all need a break every now and again, and now I am most certainly not talking about a Kit-Kat. I am talking about hopping on a flight and jetting off to that place that you’ve dreamt about so many times that you can almost smell the f...

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6 debt payment ideas that does more harm than good

Easiest Ways to Pay Off Your Debt posted on 22 August

      Unforeseen circumstances, uninformed decisions, and financial loss are some of the reasons that can make it impossible for you to meet your monthly financial responsibilities and before long you are drowning in so much debt that you...

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Shopping bags collection 23 2147517206

Mister Voucher - Latest Discounts! Cheapest Deals! posted on 22 August

Can you imagine getting a discount on almost everything that you have always wanted and everything that you will ever need? Speaking of ‘need’, you NEED Mister Voucher in your life! Not only do you get discounted vouchers on a vast array of produc...

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Free car finance

Car Financing Made Easy posted on 22 August

Imagine the feeling of getting into your new car. Imagine that liberating new car smell that fills your mind with endless possibilities and the freedom to do and go wherever you want. Getting a new car, or acquiring that ride you've been eyeing fo...

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Free think road safety posters 300x132

Road Safety Tips posted on 22 August

Many people make foolish mistakes on, and sometimes off the road that turn into disastrous accidents. These mistakes can easily be avoided by carefully thinking before you decide to do whatever it is that you are doing whilst driving. Studies and ...

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Healthy living 2

How to live more healthy - a few easy steps. posted on 22 August

Every so often we are faced with severe and or deadly diseases. Scientists and doctors is discovering new diseases and disorder on the regular; it takes them even longer to find cures and treatments for these newfound afflictions. However, there a...

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Solar power

Why should I consider a Solar Power solution? posted on 22 August

The sun is a very powerful source of energy. Solar power is the future of sustainable energy as it reduces the cost of energy incomparably. With the constant power cuts and rising cost of electricity, South Africans might see it fit to look at thi...

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Reasons why 20-year olds don’t make it to their 30’s posted on 22 August

The youth is the future of South Africa, or are they? Over the past couple of years there has been an alarming increase in mortality rates amongst adolescents and young adults in this country. Statistics has shown that there are a number of reason...

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Behavioural design isis

Fuel Consumption: How can you save? posted on 22 August

With the rising cost of fuel and motorist having to fork out more money than ever before, a list has been compiled with very useful tips on how to save on fuel consumption. By following these basic steps you can avoid what is now of paramount conc...

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