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Shine, South Africa – A Closer Look at the South African Olympic Team posted on 22 August

“You have all earned the ultimate honour of representing your country. We have every faith in you excelling at your various events. Attending the Olympics is the pinnacle of a sportsman’s dream. Go and showcase the rainbow nation to the best of yo...

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Latest and Most Affordable Cars posted on 22 August

With the depressing value of the Rand, the cost of importing new cars for the South African market is at its highest resulting in car prices going through the roof. Experts have had a look at what the most affordable cars are and whether there is ...

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My son has social anxiety disorder

How to handle anxiety in a relationship posted on 22 August

Anxiety can be described as a mental disorder where feelings of distress about future events and being overly concerned about current events causes an emotional imbalance that causes physical symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations ...

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The Fault in Our Cars posted on 22 August

If you own a vehicle, it is most likely that there will come a time in your life when you have to stop, get out of your vehicle and change a tyre or see to faulty spark plugs. Now not all of us has been gifted with the mechanical knowledge to fix ...

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Vintage wedding invitation in red and blue 23 2147486962

What Not To Wear, to a Wedding posted on 22 August

With summer fast approaching you can be sure to expect a few wedding invites as this is the season of holy matrimony. With these wedding invites coming in left, right and centre folks are pressured by what to wear and with ever-changing styles in ...

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Improving Your Health with PokémonGO posted on 22 August

“Real talk - as someone with anxiety/depression, the fact that I've spent most of this weekend outside with friends is unreal. #PokémonGo” - @uglycatlady on Twitter. Pokémon was all the rage in the 90’s and since its release in early July, Poké...

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Winter Warmers posted on 22 August

During the winter months it is quite common for folks not to want to do anything, especially if you’re more of a summer lover. There are however ways to beat those winter blues. By simply applying your mind and thinking out of the box, there are a...

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Euro car finance 26684213

Getting a good deal on a new or used car. posted on 22 August

Have you ever been in a situation where you have bought a new car but then you’re not happy with it? This happens to a lot of people because they don’t ask the right questions when buying a car. There are so many questions to ask before you can bu...

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4 065 coldflurescue

How to beat the winter blues posted on 22 August

South Africans has been warned of a severe cold winter and with this cold fronts comes colds and flus and all kinds of undesirable maladies. Most believe that these casual illnesses are caused by things such as the change in the weather (temperatu...

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Keep calm and go on a date 6

Surviving the first date posted on 22 August

A first date can go one of two ways: you’re either going to end up extremely over the moon or terribly under the weather. How do you behave on a first date? What do you have to do in order for you to triumph? Here’s a few tips on how to successful...

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