Winter Warmers

This article was posted on 22 August 2016

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During the winter months it is quite common for folks not to want to do anything, especially if you’re more of a summer lover. There are however ways to beat those winter blues. By simply applying your mind and thinking out of the box, there are a number of activities to take your mind off the blistering cold.


Online Window Shopping

We all enjoy a bit of window shopping when money is a bit tight or even just because we love doing it. Well, in these modern times where you can do almost anything by just touching a button or moving a mouse, why don’t you try window shopping online? Not only does this save you the trouble of having to go out into the cold, you also save money. Say while you browse the online stores you come across something that you want, it will more likely be cheaper online than what it would be in the shop.


Brain Teasers

Brain teasers relaxes the mind and can keep you busy for hours. Invest in games such as Sudoku and crossword puzzles that you can find in newspapers and magazines or alternatively purchase a collection at a good bookshop. Again, some of these games can even be downloaded as an application on your smartphone.



They say, summer bodies are made in winter so this would be the ideal time to get your body in perfect shape for the summer. you don’t even have to go to the gym to work on your fitness; there are several workout dvd’s and online programs that you can follow and do at home.


Watch your favourite TV series’ or movies

If you don’t want to do it all by yourself, get all your friends and family members together and have a series- or movie-marathon. Prepare some snacks and drinks, cold ones or hot and get comfortable in front of the TV.


Take an online course or tutorial

Invest in the time that you spend indoors by signing up for a free online course or learning something new by watching a tutorial. There’s also a vast selection of online DIY-projects that you can try your hand at.



We eat more in winter than what we do in summer so this would be the perfect time to test recipes from that cookbook that you bought and never get the chance to use. Baking can also be a fun activity for the kids to partake in especially decorating cupcakes. Be creative and bake batches of cookies that you can also place in nice boxes and give as gifts.



Scrapbooking is guaranteed fun! Think about a theme i.e. pictures of your children or a wedding album and work around that. There are however so many themes and topics that you can work around to creative an awesome scrapbook.


Plan a High-tea

Host your own tea party and invite friends and family over to your house. Be a little elegant and take out your best porcelain and prepare some delicious treats to go with the tea-drinking.



Catch up on all those books that have been standing on your bookshelf that you never get the time to read. Just before your afternoon nap or before you go to bed at night, read a few chapters. You can also invest in new books if you have read everything that you own. Stock up on Magazines that you enjoy as this makes for a fun activity.


And most importantly…

Look after your health

Staying indoors, having fun with all these winter warming activities also minimises the risk of you getting a cold or flu by being outside. If you are however going to be outside during winter it will just make the hot chocolate taste all the better when you get inside.


- Enzo Leigh Botes

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