What Not To Wear, to a Wedding

This article was posted on 22 August 2016

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With summer fast approaching you can be sure to expect a few wedding invites as this is the season of holy matrimony. With these wedding invites coming in left, right and centre folks are pressured by what to wear and with ever-changing styles in fashion one can easily get it so wrong. Bearing in mind the theme, the venue and time of the wedding, you should be able to determine whether to dress more formal or lean towards a more casual look.


By knowing what not to wear, this guide should lead you to picking the perfect outfit for what ought to be a perfect wedding.

Don’t wear white

This one is especially for the ladies - whether it is white, off-white, ivory, cream, pearl or snow white, the last thing you want to do is overshadow the bride on her big day. Try to stay clear of any shades of white when attending any wedding unless it is a white-themed wedding.

Inappropriate footwear

Flip-flops and sneakers are never appropriate for weddings. Ever! Ladies, I’m pretty sure that you would want to show off those stilettos that you especially bought for the occasion but this is almost never a good idea. Think about having to walk on heels for half the day and still having to dance in them later the evening – sounds very uncomfortable to me. Be sure to wear shoes that is stylish yet practical. Gents, a nice pair of dress or formal shoes would be the safest option to go with. Depending on location, time and venue, trendy leather sandals would be an alternative option (i.e. for a beach wedding).

Unfitting accessories

Guys leave the baseball caps and Krugerrand earrings at home – you’re not going to watch the game. Ladies don’t over-accessorise and bling it up excessively – you’re not going to a Rihanna concert. Another annoying thing is wearing bangles that’s jingling throughout the ceremony.

Stick to the dress code

Most wedding invitations will list the theme or dress code however if there is no mention of what to wear there are ways that you can determine what would be appropriate by looking at the information on the invitation. Of this information the time would be your go-to as a wedding during the early hours of the day would accommodate a more casual feel whereas a wedding in the afternoon leading into night-time would require a more formal dress code.

Revealing clothes

The most inappropriate and tasteless thing you can do is wear something that is too tight, short or revealing. The last thing the bridal couple wants is for everyone to gossip about you rather than the wedding itself. Best check yourself, in the mirror that is, before leaving your house to save yourself the embarrassment of being the one being talked about.


The last thing you want to feel at a wedding is uncomfortable. By sticking to these basic rules of what not to wear to a wedding you will be able to enjoy the celebration of the union with the couple rather than to sit in a corner hiding away with your sweatpants and sneakers.

Who knows, you might find your own Mr- or Mrs Right

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