What is a Legal Cover? Do I need one?

This article was posted on 03 June 2016

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How does Legal Cover work?

Legal Advice is costly. Hiring a lawyer could cost you thousands of rands per hour. This is where a Legal Cover comes to your assistance.

There are professional legal advisors and attorneys either employed by or having arrangements with the insurance company offering Legal Advice, spread across South Africa. In case you are facing a legal matter, these attorneys will be available to advise you and represent you, if required.

Once you apply and pay the premium for Legal Cover, you will have access to the legal services offered by legal aid firms 24 hours a day. You will be able to avail telephonic legal advice, during the first three months of the policy. Subsequently, should you require an attorney to represent you, one will be appointed to you, from the insurance company's national panel of attorneys.  

The coverage can be taken either individually or for the entire family, which is more cost effective compared to members purchasing Legal Cover individually.

What are the Benefits of Legal Cover Insurance Plan?

Coverages for Civil, Labour-related and Criminal matters are provided under Legal Cover. It could be some contractual disputes, an unfair dismissal, consumer issues, a car accident or you being wrongfully accused of a crime.

Legal Cover provides a bail benefit too. The insurance company pays the amount required to bail you out from police custody. If you are arrested and are in need of bail, the attorney representing the  insurance company will go to the police station and arrange for the bail, pay the bail amount required, up to an agreed sum as per your Legal Cover plan. 

Are there any exclusions?

Any pre existing matter at the time of purchase of the policy is excluded from the policy. For any legal matter that is already in progress while taking the policy, the insurance company will not represent you in the court. In such cases, you can still avail free guidance and advice telephonically.

A Legal Cover Insurance Plan will ensure your protection against any legal expenses or issues that you may encounter in life. It gives you free access to legal advice and services, which otherwise is very expensive.

There are various plans and options available from different insurance companies offering Legal Cover insurance. We at Mister Compare help you choose the right Legal Cover policy from a variety of available options. We also assist you in comparing and purchasing other insurance products such as Health Covers, Life Insurance, Hospital Covers and Funeral Cover. Remember, More Options leads to Better Decisions.


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