Top 10 Cars sold in South Africa in 2015

This article was posted on 03 June 2016

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The year 2015 was a very tough year for the South African automotive industry. Market conditions were very competitive across all the brands and models. New models and variants launched added to the competition in the market. Let us see the top 10 passenger car models sold in South Africa in the year 2015.

10- BMW 3 Series occupies the tenth position on the list of best selling cars in South Africa in 2015. The total number of units sold is 8485, which is down by 21.87% compared to the sales in 2014. The overall position has come down from seventh to tenth position. It is interesting to note is that BMW 3 Series held on to the tenth position with just 100 units more than Toyota Fortuner (8385 units sold in 2015) at eleventh position.

9- At the ninth position, it is Hyundai i20, which had a 6.56% increase in the number of units sold. With a sales figure of 8928 units, Hyundai i20 climbed up 3 places from twelfth position in 2014.

8- Ford Figo at eighth position had the biggest drop (-28.97%) in sales among the top 10 models. With 9,899 units sold, Ford Figo has dropped 3 places from its fifth position in 2014.

7- Good news for Ford is that Ford Fiesta has made a jump from eleventh position to seventh. The number of units sold in 2015 was 10,462 an increase of 22.85% over the sales in 2014.

6- Ford Ecosport has brought better news to Ford by coming up from fourteenth position to the sixth. 11,627 units of Ford Ecosport were sold in 2015 which is 3953 units more than its sales in 2014. The percent growth in sales over 2014 is 51.51%.

5- New entrant to South Africa, the Korean Hyundai i10 Grand is at the fifth position on the list with sales figure of 11,948 units.

4- Mercedes Benz C Class has held on to its fourth position on the list in 2015 also. But, 1822 fewer units were sold in 2015 compared to 2014, a drop of 12.67%. 12,562 units of Mercedes Benz C Class have been sold in 2015, which is a market share of 3.0%.

3- At the third position is Toyota Etios with sales of 16,270 units. Even with a drop in sales of 12.81% compared to 2014, Toyota Etios managed a market share of 3.9% and also held on to its position on the list.

2- With an increase of 17.07% in sales and a market share of 6.0%, Toyota Corolla has maintained its second position on the list. 24894 units of Toyota Corolla were sold in 2015, in comparison to 21265 in 2014.

1- At the top of the list is Volkswagen Polo, with 56,820 units sold in 2015. Even a decline in sales of 7401 units, hasn't affected its position on the list of top selling models. Volkswagen holds a healthy market share of 13.6%, marginally lower in comparison to 2014. Volkswagen Polo Vivo, locally known as Vivo, is manufactured at the Volkswagen factory at Uitenhage, East Cape Province in South Africa, the largest car factory on the African continent. More than 70% of the Vivo parts are procured locally. Key to the Polo's sales figures are its efficient turbo engine, looks and German build quality.

The outlook for 2016 for the South African automotive industry is predicted to be lacklustre. However, automotive exports are predicted to be positive. As per National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa projections, a decline in new car sales of between 3.0% and 5.0% is expected.

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