Reasons why 20-year olds don’t make it to their 30’s

This article was posted on 22 August 2016

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The youth is the future of South Africa, or are they? Over the past couple of years there has been an alarming increase in mortality rates amongst adolescents and young adults in this country. Statistics has shown that there are a number of reasons/causes why young people are outlived by the older generation. Also, it has been proven that more males than females have passed on in the last ten years.

What are the main causes of death of so many young people in South Africa?

  • Tuberculosis

Reports have found that Tuberculosis (TB) has been the main cause of death for most of the youth over the last couple of years. With the Western Cape and Northern Cape being the exception, this disease was preeminent in all other 7 provinces.


  • Heart Disease

Heart Disease, that includes heart attacks, coronary artery disease and all other ischaemic heart diseases is the main cause of death in the country over all ages however this is also one of thee biggest contributors to deaths in younger folks.


  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

HIV was the leading cause of death for youth in the Western and Northern Cape.

HIV-infection rates has almost doubled over the past few years with the fact that unemployment rates are so high and younger people who are heading households. All sexually active and pregnant teens should be educated about the importance of using protection and even after contracting the virus, the importance of anti-retrovirals.


  • Other Viral Diseases

This includes common diseases such as chicken pox, herpes, mumps, measles and rubella. This can easily be classified as an epidemic as it often spreads in communities.


  • Influenza and Pneumonia

These are common diseases that might not be alarming at first but if not handled early enough by taking precautionary measures can result in a very untimely death.


  • Homicide

Physical-, sexual-, and even psychological violence is the main reasons that contributes to the youth becoming victims of homicide; some even committing these heinous crimes.


  • Suicide

Because the teenage stage transitioning into adolescence is such a vulnerable stage, young people go through so much emotional strain ranging from peer pressure to social- and cognitive change. This can and have taken its toll on many a young person who simply couldn’t cope with it.


  • Road Traffic Accidents

Due to audacious behaviour and reckless driving, road traffic accidents has become an increasingly alarming cause of death amongst young people.

All these influences adds to the mortality rate in younger people decreasing that is why it is never too early, or too late to take out a Life Cover. Be sure to check out our Life Insurance-section on


- Enzo Leigh Botes

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