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This article was posted on 03 June 2016

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Motor waranty

Irrespective of how careful you drive or the type of your vehicle, there are chances that you may experience a mechanical breakdown. These are usually sudden and unexpected and mostly we are unprepared for it. Considering the rising vehicle parts cost and the repair costs, such a breakdown can be a big problem. The solution is to have a Motor Warranty Insurance in place. It covers the costs of mechanical breakdowns as and when they happen. 

With a Motor Warranty, you will be protected from most of the expensive mechanical repair costs. You have to check and be sure about what exactly your warranty covers, before purchasing the policy. 

By knowing that you are covered in the event of a mechanical breakdown allows you to focus on other productive things that truly matter in life. Most companies offer competitive warranty premiums, this makes the coverage affordable. By doing all the mechanical issues fixed by some professional mechanic, you can be assured of the condition of the vehicle and it in turn improves the lifespan of your vehicle. 

The two types of Motor Warranties are 1) Pre-Owned Warranty and 2) Extended (New Vehicle) Warranty

Pre-owned Warranty: If the manufacturer’s warranty of your car has already expired then you can opt for a Pre-owned warranty to cover your car. Pre-owned Motor Warranty Insurance Policy will be covering the specifically listed repair and replacement of components, arising out of mechanical or electrical failure during the period of coverage of the policy

Extended Warranty: If the manufacturer’s warranty or maintenance plan is already in force, you can extend it by purchasing an Extended Warranty Cover. Extended warranty cover extends the original warranty provided by the manufacturer. Unlimited repair/replacement of the components are covered under an Extended Warranty Cover.

The factors that determines the eligibility of Motor Warranty Covers are:

  • Your car should be less than 10 years and had travelled less than 200,000kms. Generally Warranty covers are not provided for cars that are more than 10 years old or has travelled more than 200,000 kilometers
  • Your car is a Private Car and is not used for any commercial purposes (taxi) or racing. 
  • Your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. 

Some companies offer free 24/7 roadside assistance, including towing recovery, mechanical breakdown assistance, removal of a flat tyre, etc. 

Also, certain additional options can be chosen, such as car hire benefit, wherein you can get the benefit to hire a car for 5 days, if your car is under repair. 

There are various plans and options available under Motor Warranty Cover. We at Mister Compare help you choose the right Motor Warranty Cover Insurance Policy for your car in South Africa, from a variety of available options. We also assist you in comparing and purchasing other insurance products such as Car Insurance, Health Cover, Life Insurance, Legal Covers and Hospital Cover. Remember, More Options leads to Better Decisions.


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