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This article was posted on 03 June 2016

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Insurance claim

One of the biggest misconceptions about insurances in  South Africa is that, Insurances doesn't pay. Being an insured, you need to know how to make a claim with the insurance company effectively. If you ever have to make a claim, there are some steps which will make the claims process effective. 

  • Call up the insurance company’s assistance line as soon as possible and intimate the company of the accident or theft. Most insurance companies in South Africa have toll free customer care numbers that are meant for this. For this purpose, it is always advisable to keep a copy of your car insurance policy in your car itself. This will help in intimating any accident to the insurance company promptly. Also, ask the customer support person about the exact process that you have to follow in details. Make sure to note the reference number for your claim and the name of the person you spoke to.   

In case of your car getting involved in an accident, ensure that you call up and intimate as soon as you are medically able to and before towing the car away from the accident spot. 

2. Incidents such as accidents, thefts and hijackings should be reported within 24 hours at the Police Station. If your car is involved in a collision, it has to be reported within 24 hours to the police, even if your car is not damaged. While reporting at the police station, make sure to get the case number. This number will be required for future references. 

3. The documents required for claim are as below:

- Your Statement to the Police.

- Details of the Police Station and the Attending officer

- Case Number and Police Report

- Detailed list of all items lost, stolen or damaged

- In case you are injured, medical documents are also required.

- Witness Statements, if possible

- Details of any third party involved. 

Keep copies of all the documents and correspondences with the insurance company. In case of making calls ensure to note the date, time and the name of the person you spoke to along with the result of the discussion. 


4. If there are some repairs to your car, you can get a list of approved repairers from the insurance company and get quotes from them. You get the quote approved by the insurance company before repairing the car. Remember; do not get your car repaired without getting the approval from the insurance company. 

5.  If the claim is for the theft of your car, a claims assessor will be appointed to get the details from you. They are trained to find inconsistencies in your statements to test if you are making an honest claim or not. Ensure maintaining honesty in all your communication and be willing to help the insurer at every step of the claim. 

6. In case you feel that you are not treated you fairly in case of a claim; you can make a complaint regarding this to the insurance company or to the Insurance Ombudsman. 

7. In case of Liability Claims, the process will be more time consuming. It depends on the outcome of the court case regarding your liability. 

Claiming from insurance shouldn't be a difficult process, but this is South Africa.. Every insurer wants to make the claims process as simple and easy as possible so that you as a customer are satisfied always. Find the easiest way to make your claim and the most adapted insurances in South Africa using Mister Compare.

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