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This article was posted on 04 July 2017

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No matter the distance, no matter the time, if you are looking for the most convenient way of travelling from point A to point B, you are sure to find a ride on JumpIn Rides. Dubbed as the coolest and safest way to get around, with JumpIn Rides you can explore more and pay less. Yes! Using the service is absolutely FREE!


How does JumpIn Rides work?

Whether you are looking for a ride or offering a ride, anywhere in South Africa, from Cape Town to Johannesburg and everywhere in between you can go to the website www.jumpinrides.co.za, sign up with Facebook, register and post what you are looking for by offering a ride or requesting a ride. Your post would then include:

  • the location from which you will depart,
  • the location where you are going to,
  • the date on which you will depart,
  • how many seats you have available,
  • the purpose of the trip
  • and your contact details.


  • Rides offered

Say you are driving down to a festival and you want some folks to keep you company on the road, look no further than JumpIn Rides. Post your offered ride on the website and someone is bound to contact you to ask for a lift. You will share costs and your journey won’t cost a lot. Cheaper for the driver, cheaper for the rider.


  • Rides requested

In the instance of you are travelling from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, why not create a post to find a lift. You would then go to the website, create a post where you request a ride (don’t forget to include all your details). You will see drivers that are doing the same ride on the same day and have a spare seat for you. You will share costs with others, which will make your ride very cheap. If no ride is available yet, don’t worry! You will be notified as soon as someone post a ride offer matching your request. Finally, if you often request the same ride, you can choose to be notified as soon as someone offers the ride. Isn’t that lekker?


How much does JumpIn Rides cost?

Going on the website and making use of the service is absolutely free. The only cost involved is between yourself and the person(s) you are travelling with. So, if after you have found a match on the site, you will then get into contact with your match where you will discuss and agree on how much you will be paying for the ride you are requesting or how much your matches’ contribution will be if you are offering a ride. Simple and easy. We do propose a price on the website that we think is fair regarding your ride, but it’s up to you to agree on this.


JumpIn Rides can make your life so much easier with rideshare opportunities all over the country. The choice is yours – you decide where you go, who you are going with and who you want to take with you. This is a great way to go on a roadtrip, meet new people and travel cheap.

PS: For those heading out to OppiKoppi music festival near Johannesburg, be sure to create a post on www.jumpinrides.co.za to find a match and split the petrol costs with fellow festival goers.

Life’s a journey, enjoy JumpIn Rides.

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