How to Lower your Car Insurance Premium. 

This article was posted on 03 June 2016

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If you own a car in South Africa, car insurance premium are one of the most important things you can't simply avoid. It is important to ensure your security against any potential losses. The key is to ensure security by paying the lowest possible premiums. 

There are some features that help in minimizing the probability of loss to your car thereby your claim. To encourage the insurance sales to car owners who have such qualities, insurance companies often offer discounts to them. Here are some easy tips to get the best deal in car insurance. 

Installing Anti Theft Devices and Safety:  Installing an Anti-Theft device is a good feature that you can add to your car to prevent losses from theft of the car. Burglar alarms or a tracking device are examples of Anti Theft Devices. These devices make the theft of your car difficult or even impossible. Insurance companies prefer to insure such vehicles and offer discounts to attract their policy. 

Also, if you park your vehicle in a locked garage at night is also considered to be a good feature. So, your car will be a preferred car over another one that is parked by the road side at night. Considering the security of the locked garage, the insurer offers a discount. 

Drive Safe: Safe driving is a very important factor for any person in  South Africa. But, this is given least preference by many. Insurance company prefers a safe driver over someone who cannot be called a safe driver. A safe driver with a clean driving history is an indication to the insurance company that the probability of this person making an accident claim is very low. To attract such safe drivers, insurance companies offer discounts.

Avoid unnecessary claims: Try not to claim for every small damage, such as a minor scratch or so. By paying for such small repairs by yourself, you will not become a high-risk client in the eyes of the insurance company. Of course, a high risk client will be charged more.

Drive Less: The more you drive, more is the chances of having to meet with an accident. So, if you don’t drive a lot or you just drive short distances, then you make it clear to the insurance company and they will classify you as low risk. 

Bundle your policies: If you have more than one car, you can choose to insure both the cars with the same insurance company. Also, you can choose the same insurance company for your other assets, such as your home, business, etc. This will be considered as a bundled offer and discounts are offered in such cases too.

The best way is to search various options available in the South African market. The most common misconception about car insurance is that car insurance rates are the same for all insurers. Actually, it is not. The reason is that each insurance company has its own rates for different car models. Each insurance company uses its own statistical data of the losses incurred for various car models available in the previous years. This means, the companies which had good previous experience with your car model, will be offering lower rates on your car. So, it is very important to check out the options available before selecting the car insurance product. 

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