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JumpIn Rides - fast becoming the leading transporter in South Africa posted on 04 July

No matter the distance, no matter the time, if you are looking for the most convenient way of travelling from point A to point B, you are sure to find a ride on JumpIn Rides. Dubbed as the coolest and safest way to get around, with JumpIn Rides yo...

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The Fast and the Fuel-Efficient posted on 14 September

When looking to buy a car, the average South African looks for affordability and fuel-efficiency. The most fuel-efficient cars are normally the electric/hybrid models that comes at a more costly price. Cars.co.za has had a look at more significant...

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Cooking At Home - A Healthier Alternative posted on 14 September

It is no secret that home cooking is better for your health and easier on your pocket. We become so busy in our lives that we don’t always have the time or energy to prepare a home-cooked meal and rather settle for unhealthy alternatives such as t...

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Basic steps on how to start your own business posted on 08 September

Having an idea to start a business, putting it on paper and actually executing the whole concept is a far stretch proving to be out of reach for a lot of entrepreneurs. Starting a business is no easy task but by following the below steps, you’ll b...

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Dating – A new take on the old rules. posted on 06 September

Someone, some day loosely defined dating as the act of meeting a bunch of people until you find the one that is perfect for you. Over the years the game has changed pretty much and there is no single person that can know all the rules and regulati...

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Top Traveling Tips posted on 02 September

So you have booked the flights, the bags are packed and you are ready to go off on the dream holiday you have been planning for for so long. Sounds like everything is going according to plan, right? Wrong! When travelling, especially if you are go...

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Funeral Formalities posted on 01 September

Living in a diverse country such as South Africa, with its many different cultures religions and traditions, we all have one thing in common. Death. However, the way in which we handle the formalities when having a funeral, differ according to eac...

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Online Pay-day Loans posted on 30 August

We often find ourselves in a bit of a tight financial spot with no idea of how we’re going to overcome such a financial predicament. We are faced with so many unpredictable things in life and even when earning a decent salary there is always some ...

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Hospital Cash Back Plan - Cash back in your pocket posted on 29 August

None of us have the guarantee that we will never be hospitalised. In the unfortunate incidence of disease or illness and you have to be hospitalised, how prepared are you? Yes, even the healthiest person can become victim to a disfavoured afflicti...

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What you should know before buying a used car. posted on 25 August

Buying a used car can be a very tricky situation. Most people, especially younger folks tend to go for a second-hand vehicle because it is so much cheaper than buying a brand new one. The risk involved in purchasing a used car is exceedingly highe...

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